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At MONARCH Marketing Solutions, we are a little different.  And that’s OK.


Unlike a typical agency, we don’t have employees.  That’s right, no employees.  Instead, we have partners, and every partner has a vested interest the accounts they are assigned in MMS.  Because of our varied experience in agencies around the country, MMS relies on our established relationships built over the years to establish the perfect solution for you and accomplish your goals.


Our network includes strategists, designers, copywriters and developers versed in all areas the real estate business.


So what does this actually mean for you?  It means we don’t charge exorbitant hourly rates to cover our overhead.  We are truly a 100% scalable, project based firm.  We have the flexibility to adapt to any project, any timeline and any budget.


Since we believe that all business should be based on trust and connections, all of our partners are vetted and assigned to projects that compliment their backgrounds and expertise.  Lastly, we don’t have sales people.  We believe that our clients will fill that role.


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