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What do we mean when we say ‘Brand’?

First, a definition: a brand is an idea system, a network of associations that represent any entity, organization, or person.

To be clear, a brand isn’t just marketing. It’s not a logo or set of fonts and colors. It’s an integral part of the strategy and operations of an organization—extending far beyond marketing.

A brand isn’t a just product either. A brand is a distinct entity that lives outside of the product or the consumer need. It’s everything that an organization stands for and how it expresses that. It is the sum of every interaction people have with the entity, organization, or person.

We believe in the 7 Pillars of branding (Mission, Values, Vision, Purpose, Positioning, Voice and Look/Feel).  Let Monarch Marketing Solutions help you establish or grow your "brand".  By doing so, you will see your business transform into what you always thought it could be. Let us know when you are ready for some help with your branding.

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